There are very interesting and vast amounts of facts on dancing, but we will tell you about some of the best that you should know about dancing. It is interesting to note that since ancient times have humanity and dance been bonded together. Through each passing century will you find dance becoming more prominent and an important aspect that is celebrated during all events and preserving social interaction while excellent health maintenance tool as well.
Starting at dance moves, you notice that all dancing consist of both advanced and basic moves that form the choreography. Each type of dance has its own she type too with every kind of shoe developed to suit specific dancing style. Another factor is that shoe selection can also depend on the type of surface the dance is performed on.
fact3_newThese shoes include jazz shoes, flamenco shoes, pointe shoes, ballet shoes, ghillies, foot thongs, dance sneakers tap shoes and ballroom shoes. Pointe shoes for example are used during pointe work performed by ballet dancers for dancing on their toe tips. It is specifically developed for graceful, light-footed and weightless movement during jumps. Ballet shoes on the other hand are called slippers with maximum flexibility made from soft leather, canvas or satin. Prior to their current styles were ballet shoes a classic court shoe.
Tango for example has specific tango music dedicated to it and even though it comes from predominantly Uruguay and Argentina look at top tango songs, you will find in most traditional tango halls. El Choclo is one of the best tango songs performed originally by Juan D’Arienzo but artists such as Tony Martin, Georgia Gibbs and Luis Armstrong performed it as well. Santa Maria is one of the only Paris based songs that uses synthesisers with traditional tango instruments from the band GoTan Project and also a popular soundtrack in recent and old films, but authentic tango music.