History of Dance

Dancing is filled with interesting events and this is how its foundation was shaped. This is despite the fact that continuous evolvement allowed inventors to create different styles. Through the different time, periods were music and dance both place in the front line and all of this made it the extremely popular social pass time that continues today. When looking at dance’s history you will notice it flow the development of our human race closely throughout the generations.
ex1Centuries ago and long before the first modern civilization was ever there it served a purpose in something that could always express individual emotion and thought beautifully. Through time as modern civilization evolved dancing continuously found, itself modifies in a vital expression of communication, expression, health and also very importantly competition. When you look at the Elizabethan Era, which is the 16th century you will find that music and dance received unprecedented refinement, advancement and attention which allowed it to become prominent in socialization as well as exercise laid the foundation of all the modern dances you have today.
Moreover, will you love to know that there is a strong connection between religion and dance and myths. Dances were always performed at and during religious ceremonies and the vital storytelling device how ancient times described the myths and gods and in many cases is dance an integral part of religions. One of the first dances that are still prominent today and the base of many dances and where many other dances stem from, is ballroom dancing. It started during the 16th century with the European renaissance and has expanded to the whole world. This is also, where one of the world’s most popular and certainly most famous dances, that tango is derived from even though it only surfaced during the late 19th century.